Its the best and honest consultancy, I have ever met in my entire life, very generous staff, amiable and amicable, highly professional, and friendly, give positive opportunities to each and every student. I am highly delighted to have service from this consultancy and recommend it to everyone.
Ishavpreet Kaur / Australia
whole VIEC team contributed towards my Australia visa interview trainers are an excellent very cooperative team. I AM VERY THANKFUL TO VIEC CHANDIGARH
I have done my BTech in 2016, I had a number of backlogs because of which no consultant was giving me a +ve response to an application for Australian student visa. I came to VIEC in the month of May 2017, was guided properly by Jyotika Ma'am, Megha Ma'am, my journey for the student visa was made very easy by VIEC Chd Team. I'm very thankful to the staff and would like to recommend VIEC to all the students who are planning to apply for student visa.
Australia / Rupinder Singh
I am so pleased with the viec staff. They are helpful and friendly. They suggested me on every single step to move further, my experience with this company was great. I am feeling really blessed here. I also want to recommend my friends to come here and receive excellent services from here.
Manjot Kaur / VIEC
The staff here is very supportive and has great knowledge regarding the overall student visa process and documents needed. I got my visa within 3 weeks which is the minimum possible time, the only reason was VIEC, Would definitely recommend to everyone 🙂
Kulvinder / New Zealand
I had a great experience with VIEC. Initially I was worried about my visa process as I had no knowledge regarding this but staff here is really co-operating and supportive, provided me with all the information that was required. I got my visa within 16 days and I felt as if I was on cloud eleven. I prefer VIEC among all others without having a second thought.
Navneet / Australia Visa
It has been very beneficial. The whole process was quite smooth and all necessary help was provided to me . Appreciate the coordination and support.
Amandeep kaur / Study Visa
I feel lucky that I choose VIEC Chandigarh among all, they helped me for each and everything I needed. I am very grateful to have apart of VIEC. I will recommend my friends and relative to file their visa application at VIEC.
Inderjeet Singh / Australia Study Visa
I applied from VIEC for February intake and I got my visa within two months and staff was very cooperative and experienced. so I would like to highly recommend to apply through VIEC.
Nirmal Singh / Australia Study Visa

Expert Counseling

VIEC counselors are trained in counseling students for multiple destinations and at all levels of education. VIEC is one of the few agencies that sends its...

Visa Information

Students traveling to Australia, Canada or UK for studies need to apply for an appropriate student visa, as there are different visas offered to different students.


VIEC counselors help students in admission process by advising them of required documentation and assisting them with the necessary application forms and evidences.

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Our commitment of providing level-headed services we are no longer...

Date: 25th October’17
Day: Wednesday
University: UTAS
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 10:30 AM To 12:30 PM
Date: 26th October’17
Day: Thursday
University: University of Canberra
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 04:30 PM To 06:00 PM
Date: 26th October’17
Day: Thursday
University: JCU (B)
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 04:15 PM To 05:30 PM
Date: 27th October’17
Day: Friday
University: UNISA
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 02:30 PM To 04:00 PM
Date: 27th October’17
Day: Friday
University: Griffith University
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 01:30 PM To 03:00 PM
Date: 27th October’17
Day: Friday
University: La Trobe University
City: Chandigarh
Time Schedule: 03:00 PM To 05:00 PM
Why Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia

When you think Australia, its not only the lush green farms or Kangaroos and koalas, Australia is also famous for its international standard of education.

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Why Study in Canada

Why Study in Canada

Canada – The most sorted country by Indians, has the high academic standards and quality controls which means that the degree you get from Canada...

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Why Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand – A place famous for “Kiwi” is now also getting its fare share in Education industry. New Zealand a multi-cultural nation is now the most sorted educational destination.

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VIEC Milestone

Launched in the year 1996, VIEC has expanded over two decades delivering excellence in quality education and training placement to students worldwide. VIEC is the one stop answer for all your Study Abroad needs.

With quality credentials and our trustworthy services, we guide students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit and financial capacity.

VIEC has always been strong-minded by mentoring students to the best possible Institutions, thus empowering them to inaugurate their future. Our expertise and massive experience enables us to work upon the profile of a specific student to identify the most suitable program for them.

Customized Marketing Campaigns

VIEC is in a unique position to undertake customized marketing campaigns for Institutions due to the wide coverage of our network and the strength of our customer database.

Student Recruitment

VIEC has been recruiting students for the past 20 years. We have recruited in excess of 32,000 students to various Institutions in Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and parts of Europe.

Education Fairs

VIEC undertakes educations fairs at various locations and Countries throughout the year. This event hosts representatives of our partner Institutions who meet hundreds of prospective students.

Admission Processing Outsourcing

VIEC can assist institutions to process student applications, generate offer letters and other associated services. This could mean substantial cost savings for Institutions.


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